Chicago Drywall Guide

Welcome to Chicago’s Drywall Center, where you can find the best contractors in the Windy City as well as learn how to perform a DIY install.  A drywall contractor must do a very professional job for the wall to look smooth and seamless.  A poor job cannot be hidden by paint, and the mistake will remain on the wall for years until it is redone, or until the building is no longer there. It is a labor-intensive chore to install drywall because it takes two steps. First of all, the panels that are made of sheetrock must be installed. The installer must cut, shape, and place the sheetrock in the proper place. The second step is to apply tape over the seams so that they are not visible when the job is completed. A drywall compound is then smoothed over the surface for an even appearance. Sanding the dried product is also required.

There are some steps that can be taken to ensure that you hire the best professional drywall installation company. Hiring a company that has been referred to you by a satisfied customer who has used them is probably the best way to ensure that you’re getting a top-of-the-line installation company. Another way is to look online for companies whose websites have references. A reliable business will provide references that potential customers can call for assurance that they did a professional job for other homeowners. Finally, calling the Better Business Bureau will tell whether or not the company has had complaints about their work.

Chicago DrywallIt is also a good idea to interview the company representative before hiring them. There are questions, such as whether they can provide proof of insurance and how long they have been working in drywall. In some states, licensing is required for these workers, so it is also important to know if they are licensed. Any time that remodeling or building takes place, a permit is necessary. It is also a good idea to know if this company will get the permit, or if they expect you to do it. The consumer has a right to know if the contractor will bring a written contract for them to sign as well.

It is never a good idea to hire any type of contractor to work on your home without a written contract that states all of the important details of the agreement. Payment is a part of the agreement that also needs to be established before finalizing the hiring of a drywall contractor. Installing drywall is very messy and leaves a lot of dust behind. Ask the company representative if they will clean up after the installation.

Contractors, such as those found on, are not offended when a prospective customer asks questions such as these or wants to see a list of references. This is because a company who provides excellent work is proud of their finished product and of their excellent company reputation. They have nothing to hide, and they welcome a customer’s questions. A professional drywall company always uses a contract for their protection, as well as for the satisfaction of their customers.

Many people take bids on a drywall job, especially if it is a large job that will cost over $500. After compiling a list of needed services, it is possible to submit this to a few companies that you have researched. Ask them to give you a written bid on the job, and when the bids are received, you can then compare and contrast the services and costs. Sometimes home builders have drywall companies that they use on a regular basis. It is also possible to contact one of them to see which drywall company they use in their new homes. With a little bit of work, it is easy to hire a company that will do an excellent job installing your drywall.